Vision and Mission


The primary purpose of the Police Training College is to prepare leaders for the Karnataka Police, who will lead/command the force with courage, uprightness, dedication and a strong sense of service to the people.

P.T.C will Endeavour to inculcate in them, such values and norms as would help them serve the people better. In particular, it will try to inculcate integrity of the highest order, sensitivity to aspirations of people in a fast changing social and economic environment, respect for human rights, broad liberal perspective of law and justice, high standard of professionalism, physical fitness and mental alertness.


To impart basic training to the new entrants at the level of Sub-Inspector of Police and Constables of Police of Civil, Armed Reserve and other special units
To conduct refresher and capsule course for in-service police officers to update their professional knowledge and skills
To create a pool of Police Trainers for the state of Karnataka
The College strives to impart professional skills ethics and morals of the highest standard, it also tries to inculcate a sprit of service to the community in the training